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Cheapest business insurance packageTerms & Conditions

cheapest business insurance terms&conditions T&C's

Insurers always have Terms & Conditions and this policy is no exception.

Please read the following disclosures to be sure it’s right for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions…we’re here to help.

Best Value Insurance for your company

Interested in a business insurance package that saves you money? Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with a bespoke quotation.


As your Broker we are legally obliged with all insurance documents to supply a Statement of Facts. Any information contained in the Statement of Facts must be correct and not misrepresented. If information was disclosed to us that was wrong or not disclosed at all the Insurer reserves the right to modify the Policy terms and condition, charge an extra premium or declare the policy void from the inception date.

                                                                      STATEMENT OF FACTS

The Applicant and proposer(s), or any partner or any officer have:-

  1. never been declared bankrupt or disqualified from being a company director
  2. no outstanding County Court Judgement(s) or Sheriff court Decree(s)
  3. never had a company or been a partner, director or an officer of a company that has been declared insolvent, or had a receiver or liquidator appointed or entered not arrangements with creditors in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986
  4. never been convicted, have any prosecutions pending or been given an official police caution in respect of any criminal offence other than motoring offences
  5. never had an insurance proposal declined, renewal refused, had any special or increased terms applied or ad insurance cancelled mid-term by any Insurer
  6. never had an application for the renewal or transfer of a licence refused or have no intention to apply for the transfer of a license within the next 12 months
  7. never been prosecuted for failing to comply with any Health & Safety or Environmental Protection legislation.

The Applicant and proposer(s), its Director, Officers or Managers are NOT aware of any claim(s) that have been made in the past or any circumstance(s) that could give rise to a claim being made in the future against the Applicant, its Directors, Officers or Managers involving its employees (including but not limited to Employment tribunals) or its customers, its shareholders, or its former or current Directors, shareholders or Government authorities e.g HM Revenue & Custom, Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform(formerly the Department of Trade and Industry) accountants, liquidators or any other person or entity not mentioned above. Regardless of whether or not the claim(s) or circumstance(s) has been notified to the Applicants current of previous insurer.

                                      THIS INSURANCE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING RISKS

     All Products:

  • Any non-commercial risks/premises
  • Any non UK domiciled risks or companies
  • Any risk that requires landlord and tenant disputes cover as a landlord
  • Any company(ies) whose turnover has been £5,000,000 or more, or is likely to exceed that amount over the next 12 months

Directors and Officers:

  • Company(ies) that are not privately held and there must be a declaration that the Applicant company will remain privately held
  • Any company(ies) who have been in business less than 12 months
  • Any company(ies) who’s financial statements are more than 18 months old
  • Any company(ies) who’s financial statements are not prepared by a qualified accountant
  • Any company(ies) who can not show a pre-tax profit and are subject to any concerns by the auditors
  • Any company(ies)who have acquired any company(ies) that as increased its total assets by 50% or more
  • Any company(ies) who have mergers or acquisitions planned
  • Any company(ies) that all its turnover does not derive within the UK or EU
  • Any company(ies) who have more than 100 employees all of whom do not have employment contracts
  • Any company(ies) who are not based in the UK or are in post codes WC or EC
  • Any company(ies) where its average annual pay is greater than £50,000
  • Any company(ies) that do not have written grievance procedures
  • Any company(ies) who in the last 12 months have had involuntary redundancies or terminations or have any contemplated and have had claims made against it or its Directors and is aware of any circumstances that could give rise to such claim
  • Corporate entities representing more than one business other than subsidiaries can not be insured on this policy
  • Any risks whose past, present or future operations involve:

Banking or Fund Management                                          Pension Schemes

Building and/or Friendly Societies                                    Pharmaceuticals

Commercial Airlines                                                            Professional sports companies (such as    

football or rugby clubs)

Financial Fund Management                                              Solicitors

Financial service companies                                              Stock Broking

Insurance or Reinsurance Broking                                   Tobacco manufacture or processing

Law firms or other companies in legal sector                 National or Local Government

Business Emergency:

  • Risks that house a boiler over a maximum of 60kwh, as no power will be provided for the boiler
  • Risks that require breakdown cover to plant and machinery, as this should be sought via separate cover
  • Risks that require breakdown cover to communal services for multi-let properties, as this is restricted to the policy holders premises they are responsible for only
  • Risks with more than one location – Business Emergency cover would apply only to the risk address disclosed
  • Risks that will be declined: Agriculture, Educational establishments such as nurseries and schools (day care nurseries accepted) Factories, industrial and manufacturing business that rely on plant, Local authority buildings, Occupiers of multi-let property.

Following the Health & Safety Executive’s introduction of “ Fee for Intervention” in 2013 it has resulted in an increased number of proactive inspector visits plus faster reactive response to accidents and general allegation of policy breach. You will have free access as part of this package to the online Health & Safety Consultancy Service for added reassurance and peace of mind. The site allows access to a discounted Online Training site where up to 100 employees can be trained for a one-off payment.

We've tried to make our T&C's easy to understand. Please read the above disclosures to be sure it's right for you. If your not sure please do call us on 0800 038 9000

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