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Running a public house or restaurant can be a big responsibility and it is important you have the right level of restaurant business insurance cover for your business.

Trident Business Insurance will work for you to find you the best cover available to you at a great price. We understand that running restaurants can be high-risk, both for customers and employees. Even the most stringent health and safety measures can’t prevent the occasional accident. Having solid insurance in place lets you get on with what’s important, without the worry.

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Key Benefits

Contents Cover

Similar to a home or office insurance policy, you should be insured for the contents of your restaurants or public house in the event that they are damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed. You need to specify the value of your contents to us whilst we are getting you a quote to ensure you will be adequately insured.

Stock Cover

As with contents cover, all of your stock should be insured in case it is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. You will still need to specify the value of your stock to us as with your contents while we are getting you a quote so you will be sufficiently insured.

Public Liability Cover

For all restaurants and public houses, public liability insurance cover is vital. This will cover if a customer is hurt or injured on your premises. Public liability cover also covers you if property is damaged in your premises. An example is a customer that hurts their ankle after having slipped over on a wet floor on your premises.

The injured customer, in this example, would be within their rights to sue you because their injury was caused as a result of business activities. Having good public liability cover ensures that compensation payments, NHS medical costs, and any legal costs related to the claim will be covered by your insurance company. Without public liability cover you could be liable for the whole claim.

Employers Liability Cover

You are legally required to have employers’ liability cover if you employ anyone to work on your premises. If you need to pay compensation to an employee that is injured or become ill as a result of working in your employment.

Employers’ liability cover, like public liability cover, ensures that compensation payments, NHS medical costs and any legal lees related to the claim will be covered by your insurance company. This also applies to ex-employees who have been injured or become ill as a direct result of working for you in the past.

Trident Business Insurance will work for you to find the best quote for your restaurant insurance so you have peace of mind and can continue to be productive as a business.

Deciding what kind of restaurant insurance cover you need can be complicated. At Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best quote so you don’t need to worry.

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