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Our HGV & lorries Insurance gives you competitive pricing and peace of mind.

Trident’s truck insurance account managers will work in partnership with you, building the perfect HGV insurance policy for your company.

Your insurance policy includes full cover in the Uk and across the EU if required. If your a haulage contactor with a single vehicle or company with a fleet of vehicles up to 100T.

Trident will provide the perfect HGV and truck insurance policy to cover all of your requirements.

Third party is a popular type of cover since it’s the most affordable. It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst third party is the cheapest cover you can get, it also provides the least protection for your own vehicle. If you’re involved in an accident then your vehicle will only be covered by the third party’s insurance if you’re able to prove that they were liable for the accident. Otherwise, your vehicle will not be covered.

If you decide you do want to get a third party policy then you can add additional cover to it by getting third-party, fire and theft. Not only will you be able to drive your vehicle legally but you’ll also be covered against the risk of damage by fire and vehicle theft.

Since HGVs are often used to transport valuable goods from A to B, it’s definitely worth getting the contents covered against accidental damage and theft.

A fully comprehensive policy will provide the highest level of protection when it comes to accidents. Not only will third party vehicles be covered accidents where you’re liable but your own vehicle too. HGVs are very expensive vehicles so it’s always recommended that you get a comprehensive policy.

Liability claims are commonplace nowadays so having protection against them is never a bad idea. If you were to face a liability claim and lose it, it could prove to be financially devastating.

A big part of the expense of a liability claim is paying the legal fees to fight it. Having legal expenses covered as part of your policy means you won’t have to worry about this should the worst happen.

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