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Cyber Insurance

ref .gov.uk website

Businesses are urged to protect themselves against cyber crime after 2017 statistics published by the government confirm that 43% of businesses (four in ten) and 19% of charities (two in ten) suffered a cyber breach.

Don’t kid yourself, protect yourself.

Trident’s “Cyber liability Insurance” covers the cost of restoring your business following an attack by a cybercriminal. Our policy is designed to offer protection from cyber risks which could be damaging to your business and reputation.

What is a cyber event?

• accidental or malicious deletion, corruption, unauthorised access to, or theft of data.
• damage to your website, intranet or extranet sites
• damage or disruption caused by computer virus, hacking or denial of service attack affecting your computer systems.

A small selection of Key Benefits offered

Cover financial loss as the result of a fraudulent communication.

The cost of locating and cleaning a virus from your systems.

The cost of investigating, reconfiguring and rectifying damage to your computer systems.

We will pay damages and defence costs arising from a claim against you.

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